green sustainable bamboo plant

Sustainable bamboo

Bamboo grows very fast and can be used in many different ways (food, building materials, horticulture, consumer goods, musical instruments and for fiber production). The fibers are obtained from the stem. Because the outer layer of bamboo stems is very hard (so hard that the stems are even used as knife sharpening stones), this is more complex than other bast fibers. In textile fiber production, bamboo is used to make viscose, among other things.

Why bamboo?

Viscose bamboo is lightweight, breathable and extra buttery soft for your babies' delicate skin. Its lush texture makes it a favorite for all ages. Its natural weave makes it stretchy enough for a nice cozy fit, yet comfortable for all day wear. The natural fibers make it feel like your second skin.

No chemicals?

Did you know that most children's clothing is treated with flame retardants? Rest assured, our bamboo is not treated with chlorine-based bleaches, zinc, and sulfate. We adhere to fit standards to ensure that we do not use chemicals during our production process.

Advantages of viscose bamboo

It is hypoallergenic, allows moisture to evaporate and dries quickly. Not only is it naturally hypoallergenic and anti-fungal, but it also resists odor and naturally regulates body heat. Micro gaps help with ventilation by trapping cool air in hot seasons and warm air in cold seasons. This means you stay cooler in the summer and a few degrees warmer in the winter. This makes it especially great for people with sensitive skin and/or allergies.

It has natural UV protection to keep your peanuts comfortably protected from the sun's rays.


There are many ways to produce bamboo. Here at KIANAO, we are dedicated to giving back to our planet. Environmentally friendly - Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It requires very little water and grows 1m per day without fertilizers. Since our bamboo is made without harsh chemicals, we can proudly say that our products are ethically made using the highest textile standards.

Our contribution

Only bamboo is used as a pure natural fiber for Kianao textiles. For example, it is used for bamboo muslin and some garments.

three colored organic bamboo muslins